Green Waves Ahead: Shipglide’ s Next-Gen Fuel Savings ALS Technology

Interviews of John Dixon and SteveKohler after the presentation.

Athens October 2023:
Presentation by Danae Bezantakou, CEO – NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS

“In today’s rapidly evolving world, where the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has become paramount, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. The global community has sounded the alarm on the pressing need to combat climate change, and the shipping industry, being a significant contributor to emissions, stands at the forefront of this challenge.

Today, we gather to explore a game-changing solution – Shipglide Inc. This innovative company not only embodies the flexibility required for various types of vessels but also aligns perfectly with our collective mission to create a more sustainable future. As we delve into the global context of environmental responsibility, we’ll uncover why Shipglide Inc. is not only the smart choice but also a crucial one.” (…)

The event will delve deep into Shipglide’s ALS, a groundbreaking technology that promises substantial benefits for your fleet:

  • Fuel Savings: Learn how ALS reduces fuel consumption, cutting operational costs significantly.
  • Carbon Reduction: Discover how this innovative system minimizes carbon emissions, aligning your fleet with environmental goals.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Understand how ALS helps you meet and exceed EEDI/EEXI/CII regulations, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Performance Enhancement: Explore how Shipglide’s ALS maintains preferred transit speeds and shipping schedules, optimizing your fleet’s efficiency.
  • Paris Climate Accords: Gain insights into how this technology earns carbon credits, aligning with the parameters of the Paris Climate Accords.
  • Installation Flexibility: Regardless of your ship’s class or operational state (floating, dry dock, or building phase), Shipglide’s experts can install ALS at your convenience.

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